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Matias Moellenbach

Matias Moellenbach Mette Collections



Copenhagen, Denmark 


Product Design

Matias Moellenbach is an emerging Danish design brand established by its namesake, product designer and Central Saint Martins’ graduate, Matias Møllenbach.

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Møllenbach spent four years in London before returning to his native Denmark to set up his own studio. Since, Møllenbach has not only been commissioned by a range of high-end design brands, but also established an independent line of products through the Matias Moellenbach brand. 

With a broad scope across lighting, furniture and accessories, Matias Moellenbach designs and manufactures its range in close collaboration with artisanal craftsmen who produce each piece by hand.

Matias Moellenbach is not driven by trends – rather, the brand is focussed on independent design – designing high quality products that bring their own language and offer timeless quality.

 Matias Moellenbach — Blister Fruit Bowl

Matias Moellenbach Rooster Cafetiere with a yellow base

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