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Moïo Studio

Maia Beyrouti - Moio Studio - Mette Collections Australia


Berlin, Germany


Ceramic Art & Design

Born in Paris and raised in the South of France, Maia Beyrouti moved to London as a teenager, where she studied at Chelsea, Camberwell College of Arts and Crafts and LCC.

With an eclectic background in conservation, historical and cultural studies, Beyrouti has established Moïo Studio in Berlin, Germany. Beyrouti’s practice is focussed on the intersection of art, crafts and design, with a specific interest in expressive surfaces and ceramic material exploration.

Moïo Studio hand-produces unique and limited-edition ceramic pieces, with the Modern Ancestors series selected by the Australian Financial Review’s Life & Leisure in their Best of Design 2019.

Moio Studio - Process
Moio Studio - Modern Ancestors

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