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August Sandgren

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Copenhagen, Denmark 


Leather Bookbinder and Box-maker

Using time-honoured genuine craftsmanship, August Sandgren creates handmade boxes of the finest natural materials – for stylish, life-long storage and display.

With a practice founded in 1920, the pre-eminent bookbinder and box-maker, August Sandgren (1893-1934) was to his craft what Kaare Klint, Arne Jacobsen and Hans J. Wegner were to Danish furniture design: an icon and leader in the development of Danish Functionalism.

Sandgren was renowned for the quality of his design, production, and the timeless aesthetic and functionality of his work – work which can be found today in Designmuseum Denmark in Copenhagen and among the treasures of The Royal Library, Denmark. To this day, his name is highly revered in box-making and book-binding societies, and his original works, now nearly one hundred years old, are sought-after at auctions across Scandinavia. His constant focus on quality, commitment to using only the best materials, and careful attention to every detail made his products last more than a lifetime.

Today, the brand continues to follow Sandgren’s path and the tradition of timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship – all while contributing to new innovations in Danish design and European craftsmanship. 

August Sandgren Mette Collections
Black medium leather bookbox by Danish design brand August Sandgren

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